Welcome to Little...

Welcome to Little Minds Preschool

We appreciate you as a parent taking the time to research schools for your child’s early development. We are thrilled that you found us and request that you allow us a few minutes of your valuable time to take you on a journey to introduce you to our approach and philosophy of Little Minds Preschool.

Give your child the proper Early Childhood Education that will groom them to achieve a successful future. Let us help your child tap into his/her inherent learning capabilities. Come grow with us at Little Minds Preschool.

• Preschool (2 to 3 years) & Pre Kindergarten (4 to 5 years).
• School age, after school program (6 to 12 years)
• School hours are 6.30:00am to 6:30pm, Monday – Friday with the exception of certain holidays.
• Part time, full time classes year round.
• Free nutritious lunches and snacks.
• Potty training is a service we provide free of charge.
• Substantial tuition discounts for siblings.
• Challenging curriculum and course work.
• Extremely affordable tuition rates.
• Staff dedicated to the safety, well-being and specific educational needs of each child.
• Drive-thru drop off & pick up service.
• Transportation pick up from Local Elementary Schools to Little Minds Preschool.