LM Preschool

LM Preschool

Little Minds Preschool provides an exuberant, nourishing, and enriching environment that caters to the individual needs of the child. As the first formal educational experience for our students, our program is designed to provide a lasting foundation of skills and positive attitudes to support a lifetime of learning.

Our curriculum awakens children’s imaginations to the limitless possibilities in life so that they are better equipped to face the future. We teach our children to be open to the dynamics of change and to grow as individuals and as a community where we draw upon each others’ unique experiences in life.

Mission Statement

Our unwavering mission is to create and ensure a safe and nurturing environment that will effectively help in the development of each child’s social, emotional, and cognitive skills, in order for that child to transform into an intellectual, responsible and respected citizen of humanity.

Our Preschool Teaching Methods

Preschoolers learn best when they are actively involved in learning. Knowledge emerges as a result of the activities they are engaged in as well as the relationships they form early in their lives. Our preschool classes are social environments in which children learn about their surroundings and how to play with their peers.

Early Literacy

Creating a literacy-rich classroom environment is essential for building early literacy skills. This includes reading to the preschoolers daily, allowing them time to “pretend” read and having the room clearly labeled.  An area of the classroom is designated specifically for reading with good lighting as well as a variety of reading materials, such as picture books, magazines and other age-appropriate items.

Our teachers instruct students on what a book is and describe its elements. Big books ensure that all students can clearly view the book being read to the group. Rereading favorite books is another tactic that is used with preschoolers; the repetition builds their confidence and allows them to be a part of the reading activities.

Student Discovery

Children engaged in active play learn about taking turns, respecting one another, practicing social skills and learning other fundamental things without knowing they are doing so. The role of our preschool teacher is to creatively present core fundamentals while engaging children through play.

For example, playing catch can teach hand-eye coordination, or practicing “writing” can develop fine motor skills. Various kinds of toys are available for the children to explore and to help engage them in learning.

Circle Time

Circle time is a special time for children, because this is where they begin and end their day. Circle time is when children are introduced to the days of the week, ABCs, colors, feelings, story time and song time. It is a time that allows students to feel secure, because it happens at the same times every day and they begin to expect it. Circle time can be a time for puppets, flash cards, videos or any other medium that equally engages and educates the children.